Monday, October 8, 2012

New Surface Geometry Metadata for Saturn and its Satellites

The PDS Rings Node has incorporated detailed metadata about Saturn and
its satellites into OPUS, our search engine for outer planets data.
OPUS now supports Cassini ISS, VIMS, UVIS and CIRS* data sets. Search
constraints include latitudes, longitudes, viewing and illumination
geometry, distances and resolution. Search capabilities for ring data
sets have also been enhanced.

For planet and satellite searches, select the body on the "Cassini
Surface Geometry beta test" tab, and then select the new tab that OPUS
will provide for the surface geometry for that body. Search results are
updated with each additional constraint entered. Total hits are updated
at the top of the page. Click "View Results" to preview and download

We strongly encourage your feedback.

*CIRS data are currently only indexed through June 2010; an update will

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