Tuesday, September 29, 2009

an API, Cassini Movies, Larger Images

Beginning an API
We have the beginnings of an API online. The API allows you to query the OPUS database via http with your favorite programming language or from the command line with curl. There are 2 new links on the results page that will jump you directly to an API page to get you started. Here is a screencast of using the tool to find results and then using curl to fetch your results at the command line: http://tr.im/A8Wr The API is pre-beta, urls may change without notice. API Guide coming soon. More details about what params are valid and possible values here: http://pds-rings.seti.org/search/api

Cassini Movies
Mark has been busy identifying movie candidates in the COISS dataset and we have integrated these products into the tool. Check it out here: http://tr.im/A8Gy to view a movie click any thumbnail and then click 'play images as movie' in the sidebar

Larger Images
Small, medium, large, and raw images have been integrated into the tool, as have coloring that reflects the filter used to capture the image.

Bug Fixes
Bug fixes in IE7 and other minor improvements

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